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Motivation instead of Domination

Contact and harmony, the health and wellbeing of the horse comes first for me. Whether you are a competitive or recreational rider, I strive to gain more understanding of the mental as well as the physical condition of your horse. The interaction between man and horse is essential if you want to achieve what you want together.

Often as human beings we determine the tasks our horses will carry out with their lives. Does this suit you? And does it suit your horse? Insight into the character, personality and attributes of your horse or the horses you work with is priceless.

A horse lives in the “here and now” and responds to us in the moment. Just like us, horses need affirmation when they do something well. This builds self-confidence and reinforces the bond between horse and rider. This has so many benefits, for example, a confident horse shies less.

My down to earth training is provided through ‘Join the Horse’, both in the field of ground work as well as technical riding. Would you like to work more towards harmony and oneness with your horse?

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Carola van Berckel
Equestrian Instructor and Behavioral Expert
Integrated coaching with horses

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“It is fantastic to see how Carola communicates with horses. I didn’t know how much you could learn to be yourself through working with horses. Everyone who wants to take another step up in life should do a session with Carola.” – Linda


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Coaching with horses, in one of our sessions, is an approachable and effective way of coaching. Horses don’t have any hidden agendas and will reflect you just as you are in that moment. No more masks or walls, just a pure and honest observation of yourself.

Of course this can be challenging, but the beautiful part of working with horses is that they immediately show another side of themselves when there is a change deep within yourself. This makes coaching with horses so extraordinary and keeps it interesting.

For a coaching session, you don’t need to have any previous experience with horses.

We usually provide a space where you and unrestrained horses can interact as you receive guidance on how to start your development process. Coaching with horses is an awareness process, with a lot of metaphors.
We offer coaching to adults, children, pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. The coaching is also open to those suffering from bullying, behavioral problems, depression or burn out. Working on your self-esteem and self-image with a horse is a beautiful, intense and sometimes playful way of working on yourself.

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Workshop “In Contact With Your Horse”

Calming signals mean a lot to horses when you are in their space. Do you recognize these signals? They are signals that are often subtly given but can have an invaluable worth for you as a horse lover and owner.

The cost of participation with your horse is €195. There is also the possibility of participating with one of the horses of our home stables.

Times: 10:00-16:30, 3 day course
Registration: Email

Workshop “The Language of Horses”

In Azewijn (In the province of Gelderland) the Schwarz Walder Fuchs Stud offers the workshop, “The Language of Horses”. In this workshop you are made further aware of your body language and the influence it has on a horse. A horse communicates mostly with very subtle signals to us and their surroundings. Learn more about this method of communication with horses and see what influence it has on a horse.

The cost of participation with your horse is €75. There is also the possibility of participating with one of the horses of our home stables.

Times: 10:00-16:30
Registration: Email

Workshop “My Horse, My Reflection”

In Bakkum (In the province of North Holland) Join the Horse offers the workshop, “My Horse My Reflection” in collaboration with Tamara Schilder. A horse has no hidden agenda. Horses are outstanding teachers, when you dare to look into these mirrors it can open up the doors for great breakthrough in your own life.

The cost of participation with your horse is €75. There is also the possibility of participating with one of the horses of our home stables.

Times: 10:00-16:30
For more information or registration, email

Workshop “Women, Horses & God”

In Nijkerkerveen (In the province of Gelderland) Join the Horse offers the workshop, “Women, Horses & God.” Inspiring women and helping them play to their strengths is our mission. This day is especially for women who want to be empowered, encouraged and edified. The horses act like a mirror and provide an extraordinary reflection for how we actually feel and come across to others. God wants to impart His joy and power to you, so that you can achieve your full potential and will walk in your destiny. In this workshop we work together with the Holy Spirit and the horses have the chance to reflect you.

The cost of participation is something you can pray over yourself. We are leaving this to God to provide for. The workshop will be done solely with of the horses from our home stables who will be unrestrained. Both those with and without experience with horses are welcome.

Time: 10:00-16:00
For more information or registration, email


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