About us

Join the Horse was founded in 1999 (Originally under the name Murchin) by Carola van Berckel in the Netherlands and has delivered workshops all over the world in the fields of equestrian language and behavior. Murchin was named for Murphy and Urchin, the founder’s dog and horse who both had a great influence on her life. In addition the combined name, Murchin, provided a good representation of the combination needed between man and horse to work together. The name was changed from “Murchin” to “Join the Horse” in 2012 to be more relevant in an international setting and because it encompassed the heart of the company.

Carola enjoys working with fellow experts in the field of equestrian behavior and regularly gives training sessions and workshops with them.
Many people search for the ultimate experience with their horse, the feeling of being connected and working as one. This is where Join the Horse provides support, personal training sessions and tailored workshops to help you and your horse further towards unity and harmony.

Education and background

Carola has a foundation as a general instructor as well as a Level 2 specialization in Centered Riding Instruction. In addition, she specializes in Natural Medicine for Animals, particularly to better understand and analyze horses. Between 1980 and 1995 she rode competitively in Dressage and Show Jumping. At one point she realized more and more how sensitive the horses really are and often how harshly a rider can treat their horse.
During the delivery of training sessions she found that she had to focus on deepening the understanding of others to understand the message of the horse. She undertook a course with Mastercoach and is continually working on self-improvement as well studying under Anthony Robbins, Kevin Trudeau and many others.

In addition to her instructor education in England and in the Netherlands, she has further competences in equestrian behavior and has been able to watch and learn Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Monty Robberts, Honza Blaha and many others.

This gives her workshops an added depth with richer content and can help you and your horse to a higher level of cooperation and solidarity.


Carola’s mission is to develop more understanding of the horse’s character and wellbeing and to encourage and empower horse and man to reconnect with each other and to enjoy a new dimension of life together. Connecting and interacting in order to live life and love.


A horse is an animal that thrives in its natural environment, in a herd with its species. Every horse needs that social interaction, by caring for each other’s coat, horses release endorphins which promotes their well-being. You can make a horse dependent on you by isolating him from his own kind which is very unnatural. A horse that is kept alone pines away.
Friendship with a horse can be developed and then there is no need for bribes of food. The connection and the friendship comes and grows as a reflection of who you really are inside.