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Be with the Horse

New in the Netherlands is the course, “Be with the Horse”. This course is made up of six modules through which you can better understand and develop your relationship with your horse. This can also apply when you don’t know a horse (yet). Contact, respect, and harmony are paramount.

“Be with the Horse” is the foundation that leads to more unity with your horse.  Continue reading “Be with the Horse”

Being with the Horse

From now on you can find all the latest news updates for Join the Horse on this page. Feel free to check regularly if there is anything for you to join!

At the start of May we start with our new workshop, “Being with the Horse”! On two different locations in the Netherlands we are introducing an 2 day basic workshop, “Being with the Horse” at the head of North Holland and in the center of the Netherlands. We’ll be showing you how to give “Calming signals” to your horse when your communication comes across too strongly. For more information check out our agenda or look us up on our Facebook page.  Continue reading “Being with the Horse”