Be with the Horse

New in the Netherlands is the course, “Be with the Horse”. This course is made up of six modules through which you can better understand and develop your relationship with your horse. This can also apply when you don’t know a horse (yet). Contact, respect, and harmony are paramount.

“Be with the Horse” is the foundation that leads to more unity with your horse. 
The key to interaction and communication with horses is hidden in the small and subtle signals! To experience a deeper bond with horses it is important to spend time with them without wanting anything from them. That is where the friendship starts.

Tuning in to your horse requires an awareness of yourself, your signals, your body language and your intentions. Your emotions also have an influence on the horse.

The modules that make up this course are: Signals, Senses, Simplify, Synchronisation, Sensitivity and Spontaneity.

Signals – Learning to interpret the language of horses.
Senses – How the senses of both man and horse work, and how they influence their working together.
Simplify – Being with a horse, how do horses make contact with us? How can we really connect with the horse?
Synchronisation – Tune in to the horse, that’s where the work begins, lead and follow.
Sensitivity – Working together from a full awareness of your body and emotions and an awareness for the being of your horse.
Spontaneity – Playing and working together out of an authentic connection and full awareness of each other.

In these modules you will be able to reach deeper levels in understanding the world of your horse. You also learn how to adapt yourself to better understand and work together with your horse for an authentic trust and friendship. The cost of the course, “Be with the Horse” is € 1.195 and is delivered in Nijkerkerveen. The modules are also available separately.

The course begins with the first module in September 2015.
Modules also available separately.)

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